URGENT ACTION ALERT - Stop US Aid to Hamas/Fatah!

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Call to Stop US Aid to Hamas/Fatah!

The partnership between the two halves of the new Palestinian government would mean US assistance must cease. Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) stated that the Fatah-Hamas unity government would put the Palestinian Authority`s US aid at risk. On April 29th, his office followed up by emailing a memo outlining the legal implications of the unified government. Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) and Representative Nita Lowey (D-NY) authored the following restrictions on US assistance to the PA.

  • No US funds may be provided for salaries for personnel of the PA located in Gaza.
  • No funding is permitted to Hamas or any entity controlled by Hamas.
  • No funding for any power sharing government of which Hamas is a member, unless the President certifies they have publicly accepted and complied with core requirements of the Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006.
Send this action alert to show support for these restrictions on aid sent to the Palestinian Authority. Your email will be received by Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Knesset and U.S. Leadership.

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